Building Aquillon, Part 2

Who is Alex Winters?

Alex Winters was a work in progress from the earliest days of starting the novel, to the last day of editing. I’d love to tell you that I always knew who she was right away, and she never changed from the start, but that’s just not the case.

That’s not to say that I didn’t know anything. As I said in my last post of this series, Alex was always blonde. And from the second I wrote the sentence, she was always from Boston, and always a Red Sox fan. Beyond that, she just developed as I wrote the book.

By the end of the first few chapters I was starting to have a better idea of who Alex was, and what kind of person she was. I knew she didn’t take any nonsense from anybody, and she was independent and liked it that way. Part of the struggle I think for Alex, as she explores Aquillon, was just shedding herself of that loner mentality, and accepting help from wherever it came. Aquillon’s a dangerous place after all.

One of my favorite things about writing the book was discovering Alex’s internal voice, and really getting inside her head-space as I wrote. As the chapters flew by, she had a stronger and stronger voice, until by the end of the novel, I knew exactly who she was, and her place in Aquillon, which is basically when it happens for her too, so I guess you could say we came to the conclusion together.

I hope you enjoy Alex’s journey as much as I did. In the next entry in this series, we’ll explore Alex’s supporting cast of characters. Until then!

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