Building Aquillon: Part 1

A World Build In Dreams

Aquillon was born in dreams. I distinctly remember waking up one night from a particularly vivid dream, the details fresh in my mind. This wasn’t the first time this had happened, but something about this dream was different. It was more real, more visceral than others before it so I ran straight to my computer and started writing. An hour later, the five page primer that would eventually become Aquillon was sitting in front of me.

It took a couple of days before I could work on it again, but I knew I had something good. It was a world that fascinated me and I wanted to know more about it, so as I looked at the details I had, I started to ask myself questions. Where does this person live? How did this part of the world get its name? Why does this region look like this? After several days of asking myself these questions I had what resembled a breathing world, and a functioning mythos.

From concept to finishing the first novel, many things changed. Concepts were thrown out, names were altered, and plenty of details were re-written. Three things never changed from my dream though.

The name Aquillon. That was the place’s name, and I knew that from the start. The lion was always there as well. Menacing and fierce, with piercing red eyes, he was always there, waiting for someone to challenge him. Then there was the girl. I didn’t know her name at first, but she was always there, standing tall against the darkness, blonde hair flying in the wind. Those were the details I had to start with, and from that, the story slowly began to take shape.

To be continued…

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